Egypt ICT Indicators Data and Figures

About: this file is a directory to ICT Usage of Households, Government, Business, Education, Health and Economics Sectors as well as Technology Clubs and Cyber Cafes in Egypt.

Download: beside the name of each category there is (download) which takes you to download page.

File Naming: a name is set to each file to be meaningful as much as possible.

Data and Figures Format: data of each item is available in excel sheet and the figure generated from that sheet is available as an image. (example: FileName.xls - FileName.png)

Classification and Categories: the data is classified into 8 main categories: 1. Infrastructure - 2. Household (composed of 7 sub-categories) - 3. Government (composed of 2 sub-categories) - 4. Public Access Points (composed of 4 sub-categories) - 5. Business (composed of two sub-categories) – 6. Education (composed of 3 sub-categories) – 7. Health - 8. Economics.

Total Number of Indicators and Figures: 150.

Total Number of Files: 300 (150 excel file and 150 image file).

Source of Data: extracted from official data repository/information portal which support decision-making inside the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

Time Span of Data: 2007 - 2012.

Directory (download):

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