Blogger Removes Military Violations Pictures Post موقع بلوجر يزيل تدوينة لصور انتهاكات الجيش

[Update 23 February 2012]:
1. Blogger.com sent me a response to inform me they made the notice online and to apologize for this inconvenience.
2. The complaint against my blog was filed by StockPix.eu and  the image is removed from the post.

Blogger.com Response:
[Original Post]

• 17 December 2011:  military forces did a raid on Tahrir Square and violently attacked protesters and committed human rights violations.

• 19 December 2011: 
i published a blog post titled “Military Forces Attack on Female Protesters” and idea of the post is to show how the military forces practice violence towards protesters and other citizens based on gender and class. The blog post had 5 pictures showing 5 different incidents where military forces beat, attack, assault, strip-off female protesters. (the 5 images where from: Reuters, AP, AFP, StockPix and DailyMail)

• 21 December 2011: 
i received a “Blogger Blog takedown notification” via an email from support@blogger.com to me and in the cc blogger-dmca-notification@google.com informing me that Blogger took the blog-post down by reverting it to a draft due to “copyright infringement” based on Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Here is the email:

• 22, 27 December 2011 and 10 January 2012:
i sent them 3 emails asking for more information on the DMCA notice filed against. In their email they said according to DMCA the notice should be available on Chilling Effects with all necessary information, and I never found it and they never replied to any of my emails:

• 14 January 2012: i sent them the 4th email and last one informing them if the DMCA notice wasn’t made public and if they didn’t respond to me i am going to republish the post again. As the notice they claim to be filled against me was never made available to me or on the Chilling Effects website as it should be, and consequentially the DMCA notice became doubtful.

• 22 January 2012: since i got notice until today i kept searching for the notice and never found it. The last search i did was today 22 January 2012, 1pm (Cairo)

• 22 January 2012: i republished the blog post: Military Forces Attack on Female Protesters.

I would like to remind you that a similar situation happenesd between Flickr.com and Egyptian blogger and activist Hossam el-Hamalawy in March 2011, when Flickr administrators took down set of State Security Police officers because of “copyright infringement”. In November 2007, YouTube removed torture videos uploaded by blogger Wael Abbas and disabled his account.

- To check the blog post that was reverted to draft click here.
- To Read the Flickr Notice to Hossam el-Hamalawy click here.
- To download this post as PDF click here.

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