Torture in Egypt Still Going On

This new video was published online recently showing police and military officers beating and torturing detainees.

Egypt: Police and Military Forces Torturing Detainees

The struggle against the regime is expanding to include military police and trials and laws imposed on civilians.

Torture and police violence before #Jan25 was one of the main things people were suffering from and unfortunately the same practices and behavior are still going on because nothing actually changed in the police and security system.

Personally, i feel that before #Jan25 we were suffering from police violence, torture, emergency trials and many other human rights violation. Now, the exact same violations and problems are coming from the military side too.

Seems that Egyptians will need to set the stations on fire again like what happened on 28 January.

More information on torture in Egypt:
- Human Rights Watch report: Impunity for Torture in Egypt  (30 Jan 2011)
- Amnesty International statement on this video (29 September 2011)