About the Media Tent in Tahrir Square

One of the first tents set late January in Tahrir Square was by group of friends (including bloggers, human rights defenders, political activists...etc) and most of us were there with our personal laptops, cameras, memory-readers, hard-disks, cables and devices that we might need. 

The Media Tent in Tahrir Square
With a sign on the tent that says "point to gather pictures and videos", the main thing we did was gathering all kind of multimedia from demonstrators in Tahrir Square then making the content available online once its possible.

For me, gathering content from people and making it available online via different means was very important because i believed that making those pictures and videos public will help everyone to really understand whats happening on the ground, follow-up the situation and be able to judge, as well as have an overview of what happened in different cities in Egypt as those people who had pictures or videos were not only from Cairo. 

Providing this content also helped to prove that the government at that time was just spreading lies, rumors and fake images. The importance of these content is also because of the violations that can be proven through a video (showing a police shooting peaceful demonstrators) or a picture (showing sniper pointing at someone) .

* Some of the pictures are available on this Flickr set: http://bit.ly/Jan25Cairo  

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