Egypt: People Demand Removal of the Regime

Pictures From the Demonstrations in Cairo, Egypt since January 25 Here 

Videos Here and Here

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May Allah Protect you guys from the barbaric and unjust regime. I pray that things will get better in Egypt and i hope the Egyptian people will elect their own leader, with no interference from USA! As we have been witnessed to USA speaks about democracy and the right of speech, but when it comes to Egypt they say stability is more important. Because they have lot of interests in Egypt and with Mubarak, who is a pro Israel regime. I think its very important for you guys there at the demonstration to talk to the western media as well and tell them u want to decide your own leaders and don’t want USA to interfere. USA have once again shown their real face, that when it comes to invade a country like Iraq and Afghanistan democracy and right of speech is important, but now we see they don’t even care about it. I really hope everyone in Egypt will demonstrate and go to the palace and demands Mubaraks removal as soon as possible. Peace from Norway