Guide: How to Use Bambuser to Live Broadcast

Bambuser is open source application that enable individuals to live broadcast from mobile phones to the cyberspace. In other words, let others see what you see.

It’s a powerful tool to connect between offline and online communities. Bambuser gives you the chance as a witness to video-report what you believe is important to be viewed by others.

First of all you have to visit bambuser.com and sign-up for free, then:
  1. Open the browser of your phone, go to m.bambuser.com, choose the type of your cell phone and download the application. If you need to make sure that Bambuser work with your phone, check this list of compatible phones.
  2. After you download the application open it, Click Options -> Broadcast. Then choose an access point to the internet.
  3. Once you choose an access point, you will be asked to enter your username and password. Now you are live streaming!.
How much does it cost?
  • If you are broadcasting over a 3G network, your operator might charge you for costs associated with data transfer. Contact your operator to learn more about it.
  • If you are broadcasting over a Wi-Fi connection, it will be free.

Don’t forget:
  1. To connect social websites to your Bambuser account, go to the dashboard page under “Share to your social networks”. After you set the connection, whenever you start a broadcast a link will be posted on your behalf to the connected websites.
  2. To review the Settings in the application on your mobile at Options -> Settings, you will find useful things.


To download the guide click here.

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