Egypt: Netizen Facing Military Trial for Creating Facebook Page

ٍScreenshot of the facebook  page
Update 30 November-  military court sentenced Ahmed Basiouny 6 months imprisonment for disclosing secrets of defense on Facebook.

For the second time in Egypt an internet user is going to face a military trial. Ahmed Hassan Basiouny is facing a military trial this month under case number 4405/2010 after been accused by the military prosecution for:

Broadcasting secrets of defense via the Internet, and publishing news and information related to the Armed Forces of Egypt by creating a website titled Packing and Recruitment Management in Egypt and answering questions of youth applying to the recruitment

The military prosecution asked to punish Basiouny according to laws 80 1/2 and 85/3 of the Penal Code and law 5/B of the Military Justice Code.

Basiouny created a Facebook page late in 2009 to provide assistance and guidelines on recruitment.

Hisham Mubarak Law Center, local rights group, invited [Ar] human rights organization to form legal defense team to defense Basiouny before the military court.

It’s worth to mention the first time an internet user faced a military trial was earlier this year when an Egyptian blogger was sent to a military court for a blog post.

-Via Global Voices Advocacy.

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