The Daily Human Rights on Twitter

Its an online newspaper built from posts, videos and photos shared by human rights community on Twitter. A new edition of The Daily Human Rights on Twitter comes out every 24 hours.

What human rights community?
The newspaper content comes from  a twitter list composed of local, regional and international human rights organizations as well as intergovernmental organizations. The list continues to expand, its now composed of  more than 100 members. If you would like to add human rights organization to the list to be included in newspaper, please send the organization's twitter link or handle to me on Twitter [@RamyRaoof].

What else?
An online archive is available of The Daily Human Rights  on Twitter since the first edition (on 1 October 2010). You can also subscribe to the newspaper to receive an e-mail once an edition is out. You can pick the language of interface (English, French, German, Spanish). 

Whats the point of the newspaper?
Sometimes its hard to follow whats shared by people/organizations you follow every 24 hrs. The Daily Human Rights on Twitter is simple way to stay always updated by whats shared by the people and browse what they share based on several categories, so you can pick whats important to you. Also, you don't have to be  connected to Twitter 24 hrs!.

Short link to the newspaper http://bit.ly/ccUR3m

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