Communications and Internet in the Arab World 2009

• Number of Arab Internet Users: 58 million.
• Number of Mobile Phones in the Arab World: about 176 million.
• Number of Facebook Users in the Arab world: about 12 million.
• Number of Arabic blogs: about 600,000, active blogs: 150,000.
• Largest number of internet cafés & cyber clubs: 16,000 in Algeria.
• Largest number of Internet Users: 15 million in Egypt.
• Least number of internet users: 60,000 in Mauritania.
• Countries most intensely using Facebook: Egypt, Lebanon and Algeria.
• Countries most intensely monitoring internet: Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.
• Countries most repressive of internet activists: Egypt.
• Best countries dealing with internet: Lebanon and Algeria.
• Best country in internet services: Morocco.
• Countries most intensely tapping communications: Lebanon and Egypt.
• Countries hosting majority of extremist sites: Saudi Arabia.
• Countries hosting majority of secular sites: Morocco, Lebanon and Egypt.
• Best communities of online bloggers and activists: Morocco.
• Countries most intensely using YouTube: Egypt. 

*Source: "One Social Network With A Rebellious Message" report released by Arabic Network for Human Rights Information

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These seem quite interesting stats. However, when comparing countring, it might be more interesting to present BOTH absolute numbers and relative ones (relative to population and/or to internet users)