Threatened Voices: Egypt ranks 2nd in Threatening Netizens

Threatened Voices, a project of Global Voices Advocacy to map instances where bloggers and online writers have been threatened, arrested, killed, or disappeared by authorities since 2000 until today.
So far, Threatened Voices monitored 28 cases in Egypt where bloggers and online writers arrested have been threatened, the 28 cases makes Egypt the 2nd among Top 10 Countries in threatening netizens.  The 1st in the Top countries is China (33 bloggers), after Egypt comes Iran (23 bloggers), Tunisia (18 bloggers), Syria (14 bloggers), Vietnam (9 bloggers), Azerbaijan (3 bloggers), Bahrain (3 bloggers), Cuba (3 bloggers) and  Morocco (3 bloggers).

It should be mentioned that a report issued by Committee to Protect Journalists on December 08, found that 45% of all media workers jailed worldwide are bloggers, Web-based reporters, or online editors.

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