When it comes to New Media..Simultaneous Attacks by Several States

In the last couple of weeks, several governments started direct and clear online war on social media tools such as Blogs and Twitter.
This kind of online repression and banding attitude by the governments is considered as an indicator for the real positive effect achieved from employing the new media tools in democratic transformation and political reform.
Actually this kind of media tools causes kind of political embarrassment for the government specially when it comes to violating human rights and aborting any social mobilization.

In China ,from few days, Google was blocked for two hours, including search, Gmail and other applications. Although some ISPs have restored the access in couple of hours, a number of Tweets said that Google has still been blocked in some parts of China.
And a serious development has been approached by the Nigerian government, when it budgeted $5 million to face new media tools and bloggers, which makes blogging difficult on the practical leve.

In the last election crisis in Iran and attracting international attention to what’s happening; the Revolutionary Guard Warned Iranian Web Sites, Bloggers Not To "Create Tension" and blocked Twitter, MySpace, Facebook.

Also in Guatemala, users reported blocked access to Wordpress since Friday (26 June 09) and for sure the blogs hosted by Wordpress were also blocked. Other blogs and tweets demand respect for freedom of expression in Guatemala.

It’s very obvious that different countries are starting to develop new strategies to face the new media tools and they are starting an online war.

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